Monday, 7 December 2015

Armin Van Buren @ Sunburn Hyderabad

Long standing stalwart of the Live Entertainment Industry in India, Rental House - Reynold's 

Sound and Lighting Services Pvt. Ltd., has been providing Percept's Sunburn (EDM festival) with 

technical assistance ever since the Percept started. With multiple city tours with major international 

EDM artists Sunburn has been one of the most consistent festival which has been attracting 


 The latest show Armin Van Buren in Hyderabad, was no exception and Reynolds deployed a 

sizeable inventory to ensure the success of this gig. With over (total no. of people who attended 

this gig) Reynolds played a pivotal role by providing complete sound and lighting set up.This 

included  a total Fabrication's 60x40 roofing truss enabled the lighting and LED rigs “ We had to 

make sure the lights were rigged in the right place and the truss trimmed to the specs and of 

course with a great crew we created some cutting edge lighting for the festival”- Vijay, Lighting 

engineer, Reynolds.

For reinforcement of the PA towers, we use scaffolding from Layher, Germany. Being a Meyer 

Sound vendor for eons, the main PA consisted of 32 x Meyer Sound MILO Line Array speakers in 

a typical LR configuration. The low frequency element was complemented by 32 x 700HP 


"We have designed the subwoofer array such that it forms a arc. Although digitally created, this 

array ensures a much more even coverage in the horizontal plane. Considering the venue size 

and dimensions, this design would suit us better, in our goal of delivering the ultimate listening 

experience to our audience.'' - Sohel Dantes, Sound Engineer, Reynold's

For centre-fill we used 8 x CQ2 point-source boxes and the out-hangs were supplemented with 4 x 

MSL4. For the VIP/MIP sections, we used 4 x MSL4 with another 2x700HP Subwoofers to 

enhance the experience there. We had a tiny delay stack of 4 x MSL4 to enable intelligibility right 

till the back.

The DJ console was tooled to the T. 6 x MICA Line Array boxes ground-stacked on 700HP 

subwoofers, ensured the DJ's monitoring experience was impeccable. Besides, to their disposal, 

were 4 x Pioneer CDJ2000 NXS and 1 x Pioneer DJM2000. 

The front of house console was an AVID SC48, but the most interesting nuance of this setup was 

the motion control system that Armin and his crew were travelling with. Networking everything from 

the DJ booth, to the sound, lighting and Video consoles enabled the motion control system to run 

flawlessly via     time-code.

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